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Victon TPMS  – Your Safety Is Our Priority

The most important reason we bring in VICTON TPMS to Malaysia and Singapore is the safety it brings to our road users, it help to save life !
Many road users still do not know what is TPMS, and how does it save life, and it is our responsibility to let more people know what is TPMS.

TPMS stands for Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, it is a device that could real-time measure tyre pressure and tyre temperature and show the data on a display screen, most importantly it alarms driver if there is any abnormality to any of the tyres. For example, when tyre hits on a nails on highways and air starts to leak out from tyre, not many drivers could notice it. This is actually quite dangerous if flat tyre or unbalanced tyre pressure happened especially on highway. Even if a flat tyre does not cause accident, continue driving with a flat tyre will destroy the tyre and eventually the rim. With TPMS, the devices will alarm you in this kind of situation and you could stop and check your car safely before any unexpected incident happened.

Thanks to wireless technology, VICTON TPMS devices which consist of a Display unit and sensors are totally wireless, you do not need cable to connect the TPMS system together. There is a built-in Lithium ion battery in the Display unit so you do not need to connect power cable on it. With our high end model VT93x series, a built-in solar panel is integrated on the display unit itself that help to extend the usage time per charging.

You may ask, there are many TPMS brands on the market, why I should choose VICTON and not other brand?
We have done many market research, and find out that VICTON score the highest performance to cost index. If you compare to other comparable and reliable brands, VICTON price is always the lowest. It is almost impossible to find another reliable brand that offers at the same price range or below. If you find another TPMS brand that is much cheaper, please be careful as the performance may not be guaranteed.

Your Safety is our Priority, In VICTON, we are not only bringing you the most reliable TPMS product, our target is also to offer the most affordable product to our customer, because if the product is not affordable to mass market consumer, it defeat our purpose of keeping you safe on the road.

MyVicton is the sole distributor in Malaysia and Singapore, and we provide worldwide delivery and support. Our product was printed in English words, and we provide support and product manual in English language (If purchase in other place, most likely the product was printed in Chinese words, product manual and support is by Chinese language also)



Infineon Chipset for VICTON TPMS

All VICTON products use the most advanced original INFINEON chipsets directly imported from Germany. Infineon chipset is the most reliable and accurate TPMS chipset available on the market, it is being used in more than 30 millions of vehicles in Europe and USA alone. Infineon is the market leader of TPMS chipset with accumulated sales quantity of over 2 billions count, which account for about  50% of the total TPMS chipset market over the world.


VICTON Internal Sensor Advantage:


VICTON’S Internal sensor is built of aircraft aluminium material T6803, which is highly durable and reliable under high pressure and high temperature condition. As it is installed inside tyre, the sensing of air pressure and temperature is more accurate. The battery of internal sensor could last for 7 to 8 years for normal usage of vehicle.

VICTON internal sensor achieve IPX7 water resistance international standard, which guarantees normal operation even after immersion in water for 30 minutes.


VICTON External Sensor Advantage:


VICTON’S External sensor achieve Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI) standard, the internal sensor were tested intensively under most kinds of situation, it is impossible to loose or taken out easily, it is  anti-theft as a special tool is needed to remove the sensor from the tyre valve.


Victon External sensor vs other brand

VICTON external sensor achieve IPX7 water resistance international standard, which guarantee normal operation even after immerse the sensor in water for 30 minutes. Whereas for many other products on the market, only IPX6 standard is met and it will become malfunction after immerse in water.


VICTON TPMS external sensor power consumption vs other product

VICTON external sensor uses INFINEON TPMS solution, a patented technology which automatic activate the sensor during driving and keep the sensor in idle mode during parking, greatly reduces the power consumption and extends battery’s life. For other brand sensor without this patented technology, the sensor keeps working even during parking for long time. This greatly increases the power consumption hence battery life.


Display Screen Advantage:

VICTON VT800 TPMS vs Single Display Product

Always 4 sets of tyre data are shown together on VICTON TPMS  display, users could read and compare all real time data at one time.  Unlike some product in the market which only shows one data at one time,  it will affect to driving safety as drivers are distracted as they need to wait for 4 sets of data to be shown on a small screen.


VICTON VT800 TPMS VS cigarette lighter powered product

Victon TPMS display unit could be placed anywhere inside a car that is prefered by driver. Compare to Cigaratte Lighter Powered Product,  it can only plug into cigarette lighter port, and the display screen tends to be very small if not it may not fit into some car’s cigarette lighther port. It is not convenient to read the data as driver need to keep their head down to read the small reading and it pose a threat on driving safety, which defeat the purpose of TPMS that is to improve drive safety.


VICTON TPMS Compatibility:


VICTON TPMS is compatible to most of the vehicle such as car, suv, commercial car, van, wagon, mpv for tyre pressure less than 8 bars (800kpa),  for VT800 series the max pressure supported is 3.2 bar (320 KPA)


VICTON Product International Certificate:

VICTON product international certificate

VICTON products are granted with many international standard and certificate such as FCC cert, CE cert, ISO9001 and many product related patents. It is our responsibility to make sure the product is safe before selling it to our customers. Your safety is always our first priority.

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Note : Many customers that bought Victon TPMS from other online platform request for technical consultation or English product manual from us, as their seller do not provide any after sale service for them. This is very common as such sellers just sell the products without any technical know-how and don’t even provide any warranty to their customers. We wish to clarify that is distributor in Malaysia and Singapore and will only provide technical support (includes providing Product Manual in English Version) to customers who purchase from us. If you purchase your product from other source but not from us, kindly understand that your enquiry will not be entertained and you are advised to contact your seller directly. We seek for your kind understanding as we wish to conserve our resources to provide the best service to our own MyVicton customer.


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