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As a distributor for Victon TPMS for Malaysia, Singapore and south east asia region, we would like to build strong business relationship with company and business that are interested in our products. Our main priority is to let more and more people know what is TPMS such that our product could reach to more people and help to save their lives in some critical moment.

If your business is related to automotive industry such as tyre shop, car service center, car accessory shop etc,  please Contact us  to get more information regarding how we should cooperate and build up a long term business relationship.


Benefit to become our Business Partner:

(1) High quality and affordable TPMS product with strong market demand 

VICTON TPMS has the highest performance to cost ratio as compared to many other TPMS product in the market, our products are high quality and extreme reliable, and most importantly the price is low and affordable by most of the people who own a car, we get a great response and positive feedback from many customers who purchased from us, and the sales volume is rising fast.

(2) Value added to your current business

After becoming our business partner, you get a discounted price for all of our TPMS product, you could recommend and sell it to your customer who may need it. For tyre shop and car service center, you may also provide installation service of tyre sensor to customer, all this is value added to your current business as well.

(3) Free marketing channel and online advertisement for your business

After becoming our business partner, you can request us to advertise your business name, location and contact details in this website

If let say we advertise your business in this website, the customer that need to install tyre sensor will look for a tyre shop or service center that near to them, this customer may find your shop in our website, and this customer may change tyres and car battery in your shop at the same time. This in one way will help to improve your business revenue. viewing rate from customer keep increasing in recently month and sales volume also increasing fast. In the period from 2 March 2015 to 7 May 2015, the average new customers viewing our website is about 40+ per day, and accumulated customers visited our website is 2,676 in Malaysia (please check the graph and statistic below). What does the numbers tell us ? that mean within two months there is about 2,676 new customers will get a chance to know your business through, and all these customer have a high chance that will look for a shop listed here that can help them to install the tyre sensor. Please check the example of advertisement shown below that we will be putting in our website.

Website Viewing Rate

Viewing Rate Density (per month)

(4) Low barrier to become our business partner

Victon do not set a high barrier to our business partner, for any business that related to automotive industry such as tyre shop, car service center, car accessory shop and etc, you just have to buy one set of TPMS from us with a discounted price, you can then register with us as our business partner. Business partner are advised to train all workers the basic installation method of tyre internal sensor, and it would be even better to install it on a car and try the complete cycle of installing a TPMS. After you successfully install a TPMS, you can then request us to advertise your business under the category  “VICTON Retailer Provide Internal Sensor Installation Service”. If not, we will still advertise your business in different category “VICTON Retailer Not Provide Internal Sensor Installation Service”   


Example of Advertisement:


“VICTON Retailer (Provide Internal Sensor Installation Service)”


Business Name:  ABC Tyre Shop

Location: xx, Jalan ABC, Taman XYZ (opposite Giant)

Service  (in less than 30 words): Internal sensor installation (RM 80, free if change tyre together), tyre, battery,  high speed balance, tyre repair etc.



Business Name:  XYZ Tyre Shop

Location: xx, Jalan CBA, Taman ZYX (opposite AEONBIG)

Service  (in less than 30 words): Internal sensor installation (RM 95, free if change tyre together), tyre, battery,  high speed balance, tyre repair etc.


“VICTON Retailer (Not Provide Internal Sensor Installation Service)”


Business Name:  XYZ Car Accessory Shop

Location: xx, Jalan BCA, Taman YZX (Beside Public Bank)

Service  (in less than 30 words): All kinds of car accessory and car audio system.



Business Partner List:

You could purchase Victon TPMS through our business partner and install your TPMS product in their shop. All of our business partner listed here already tested our product and is experience in installing and setup of the system.


VICTON Retailer (Provide Internal Sensor Installation Service) :


Business Name:  MYPC

Location: 10 Jalan Kebudayaan 2, Taman Universiti, 81300 Skudai

Service  (in less than 30 words): IT AND GADGETS

Installation Charge : RM 100 (Without changing tyre); Free (Change of new tyre )


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