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Product Delivery:

Product is delivered by express. The shipping cost per set is shown in table below:

Country Shipping cost
per set
Argentina 62.9
Australia 32.7
Austria 46.9
Bahrain 34.8
Bangladesh 26.1
Belgium 41.7
Bhutan 55.3
Brazil 62.5
Brunei 18.8
Bulgaria 70.2
Cambodia 21.9
Canada 47.6
Chile 83.4
China 27.8
Cuba 83.4
Cyprus 70.2
Czech Rep. 70.2
Denmark 41.7
Egypt 38.2
Estonia 70.2
Fiji 83.4
Finland 41.7
France 41.7
Germany 43.1
Ghana 83.4
Greece 43.5
H.Kong 25
Hungary 69.8
Iceland 51.4
India 28.5
Indonesia 19.5
Iran 49.4
Ireland 41.7
Italy 41.7
Japan 29.2
Jordan 34.8
Kazakhstan 70.2
Kenya 46.9
Kuwait 34.8
Laos 22.6
Lebanon 71.2
Liechtenstein 52.1
Luxembourg 59.4
Macau 26.8
Malawi 78.9
Maldives 28.5
Mauritius 78.2
Mexico 59.8
Mongolia 61.5
Morocco 79.9
Myanmar 36.5
Nepal 43.5
Netherlands 48
New Zealand 34.1
Nigeria 68.5
Norway 52.1
Oman 67.8
Pakistan 27.5
Papua New Guinea 29.9
Philippines 23.7
Poland 71.2
Portugal 41.7
Qatar 34.8
Russia 46.9
Saudi Arabia 38.2
Slovakia 70.2
Solomon Islands 83.4
South Africa 67.4
South Korea 29.6
Spain 46.9
Sri Lanka 28.5
Sudan 83.4
Suriname 83.4
Sweden 57.3
Switzerland 57.3
Syria 69.5
Taiwan 28.5
Tajikistan 69.5
Thailand 19.5
Tunisia 46.9
Turkey 33
Ukraine 69.5
United Arab Emirates 36.5
United Kingdom 41.7
United States of America 43.5
Uzbekistan 70.2
Venezuela 50.4
Vietnam 21.2
Yemen 70.2
Serbia Montenegro 70.2
Rest of the World 83.4

Product Warranty:

Please refer to this link. For international warranty claim, customer must bear the shipping cost for both ways.

Product Information:

TPMS VT800 in boxVicton VT800 TPMS (External Sensor)

USD 109.8

more details





VT800A TPMS In the Box



Victon VT800A TPMS (Internal Sensor)

USD 137.5

more details





Victon VT930 TPMS (External Sensor)VT930 In the box

(White / Black)

USD 151.4

more details






Victon VT931 TPMS (Internal Sensor)VT931TPMS In the box

(White / Black)

USD 179.2

more details






External Sensor Single

External Tyre Sensor

USD 25







Internal Sensor Single


Internal Tyre Sensor

USD 34.8





VT800 Display FrontviewVT800x Display Unit

USD 44.5






VT93x White Display Unit Frontview

VT93x Display Unit (White)

USD 82






VT93x TPMS Black Display Unit Frontview

VT93x Display Unit (Black)

USD 82

Product On Sales

T1 TPMS (Internal Tire Sensor)

T1 TPMS (Internal Tire Sensor)

Old Price: MYR695.00

Price: from MYR335.00

T1 TPMS (External Tire Sensor)

T1 TPMS (External Tire Sensor)

Old Price: MYR595.00

Price: from MYR295.00

VT931 TPMS (Internal Sensor)

VT931 TPMS (Internal Sensor)

Old Price: MYR705.00

Price: from MYR495.00

VT800A TPMS (Internal Sensor)

VT800A TPMS (Internal Sensor)

Old Price: MYR550.00

Price: MYR495.00

You save: MYR55.00

VT930 TPMS (External Sensor)

VT930 TPMS (External Sensor)

Old Price: MYR645.00

Price: from MYR425.00

VT800 TPMS (External Sensor)

VT800 TPMS (External Sensor)

Old Price: MYR450.00

Price: MYR395.00

You save: MYR55.00

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