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Which TPMS is better ? Steelmate TPMS or Victon TPMS ?

1. Technical Aspect

Steelmate and Victon both are pioneer of TPMS in China, Victon is more focus on TPMS (Tire Pressure monitoring system), according to users review, victon TPMS have good quality and performance,  alarm alert is more accurate and faster, the product is very durable, internal sensor have average life span of 8 years, external sensor 3 years. However, the sales volume of Victon TPMS is lagging behind Steelmate TPMS at this moment and is second place currently.

2. Exterior Design

The product design of Steelmate TPMS looks traditional. Victon TPMS have modern and stylish design. However, which design looks better is very subjective and different users have different preference.

(please take a quick look on the product picture below)

3. Pricing

Steelmate TPMS have higher price to performance index as compare to many brand on the market such as Orange TPMS,  Tyredog TPMS. However, the price of Victon TPMS is still about RMB 150 (RM 60~100) cheaper as compare to Steelmate TPMS. Why Victon TPMS price is lower as compare to most other major brand such as Steelmate TPMS, Orange TPMS and Tyredog TPMS ?

Sales Model: Steelmate start the business many years ago from anti-theft electronic system, multi level sales system was built up during all these years, so after they start to sell TPMS,  they need to consider their lower level sales agent such as wholesaler, distributor, resellers and retailers, the price cannot be too low if not there will be no profit left for their lower level sales agent.

(Victon sales model is similar to Xiao Mi model, as you know Xiao Mi phone is cheaper compare to some other major brand, considering the specs and performance is still on par or even better)

Marketing Cost: Victon do not spend much on marketing as compare to most major TPMS brands in the market such as Steelmate, Orange TPMS, Tyredog TPMS and etc.


TPMS Product Photo:

SteelMate TPMS:

steelmate solar TPMS

Steelmate TPMS

Orange TPMS:Orange TPMS


Tyredog TPMS:



Victon TPMS:

Victon VT800 Display (MyVicton)




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两家都是中国最早从事胎压监测的单位,伟力通做得比较专一,只做胎压监测, 市面上所反应其质量较为稳定,如报警准确与及时性,产品耐用性:内置用8年, 外置的用3年,够我们用了。其销量可能是仅次于铁将军。
铁将军的的外观很传统,中规中矩。但伟力通的较为时尚,看了他们的太阳能显 示屏,真心比铁将军的花的心思多。就看各位喜欢了。
铁将军的性价比算是高的了,但相比伟力通的贵了150元以上。贵要有贵的理由, 贵在哪些方面呢?
销售模式:将军是以防盗电子起家,多年经营的线下渠道是其生存基础,其网上 销售仅以辅助。定价也就有所顾忌了,要考虑到线下经销商的盈利空间。

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