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VICTON VT800A TPMS (Internal Sensor)




VT800A Introduction:

VICTON VT800A is a highly reliable TPMS which consists of a display unit and four internal tyre sensors that can easily installed in tyre shop. The display unit has a built in long lasting battery that could working for 30 days after a full charge. VT800A is a completely wireless system, the display unit design is simple and compact, it could be placed anywhere in a car that suits driver the best. The display can show 4 sets of tyre pressure reading simultaneously. None of our customers would believe the amount of money they spent could actually get them such a high quality TPMS with amazing built quality and reliable performance.

VT800A Victon TPMS Internal wireless tyre sensor


VT800A Features:

(1) Highly reliable and accurate TPMS using INFINEON chipset.
(2) Show 4 sets of tyre pressure reading simultaneously on screen.
(3) Display unit is simple, compact and luxurious.
(4) Total Wireless solution.
(5) Sensor easily installed in tyre shop
(6) Display unit battery last for at least 30 days per charge.
(7) Display unit can be placed anywhere in car.
(8) Sensor battery last for 6 to 8 years.
(9) Unbeatable performance to cost index in the market.


DISPLAY Unit Design:

Victon VT800 Display (MyVicton)


Sensor Information:


VICTON’S Internal sensor is built of aircraft aluminium material T6803, which is highly durable and reliable under high pressure and high temperature condition. As it is installed inside tyre, the sensing of air pressure and temperature is more accurate. The battery of internal sensor could last for 7 to 8 years for normal usage of vehicle.

VICTON internal sensor achieve IPX7 water resistance international standard, which guarantees normal operation even after immersion in water for 30 minutes.


Product Function:

VICTON TPMS VT800 Product-Function-animation

(1) NORMAL PRESSURE DISPLAY – Display four wheel data on single screen
(2) LOW PRESSURE ALARM – When tyre pressure fall below 1.7 bar (170 KPa), the low pressure reading and corresponding tyre location flashes on screen, alarm emits Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(3) HIGH PRESSURE ALARM – When tyre pressure above 3.3 bar (330 KPa), the high pressure reading and corresponding tyre location flashes on screen, alarm emits Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(4) FAST AIR LEAKING ALARM – When tyre air leaking out fast, the affected tyre pressure and corresponding tyre location flashes on screen, alarm emits Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(5) HIGH TEMPERATURE ALARM – When tyre temperature rises above 70 degree Celsius, the high temperature tyre location and “HI” sign flashes on screen, alarm emit Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(6) SENSOR FAILURE ALARM – If the sensor not working well or installed properly, the tyre location and “–” sign flashes on screen, alarm emit Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(7) SENSOR LOW BATTERY ALARM – If the sensor battery low, the tyre location flashes on screen, alarm emit Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.
(8) DISPLAY LOW BATTERY ALARM  – If the display unit battery low, the battery symbol flashes on screen, alarm emit Beep-Beep sound to alert driver.


Product Specification:

Display Unit:

VT800 TPMS Display unit specification

Internal Sensor:

Internal sensor specification


Package Content (All Items as shown below will be received):

Packaging Box:

VT800A Packaging Box


Inside the Box:

VT800A TPMS In the Box

Display Unit (Front and Back view):

VT800 Display Front and Back

Internal Sensor:

Internal Sensor for TPMS



Photo Gallery:

VT800 actual photo on car






VICTON TPMS is compatible to most of the vehicle such as car, suv, commercial car, van, wagon, mpv  for tyre pressure less than 8 bars (800kpa),  for VT800 series the maximum pressure supported is 3.2 bar (320 KPA)


VICTON Product International Certificate:

VT800 Certificate

VT800 Certificate 2

VICTON products  quality meets with many international standards and obtained certificates such as FCC cert, CE cert, ISO9001 and many product related patents. It is our responsibility to make sure the product is safe before selling it to our customers. Your safety is always our priority.



Q: Is the installation easy? Any activation or setting required?
A: Both internal and external TPMS have already been preset, no activation, setting and matching is required. Please read the installation manual carefully before installing.

Q: Does the display connected with cable?
A: No. The displayed is powered by battery. No cable is required during operation, hence it may be place any place in car that suits driver the best. In addition to that, the display comes with vibration sensor which allows the display to be auto-on when engine starts and auto-off 30 seconds after engine is turned off.

Q: How to charge the display?
A: The power rating of the display is 5V/1A, it is charged using USB cable which may be connected to USB port available in most cars, power bank or any portable power supply. Charging duration is 2.5 – 3 hrs. If daily usage duration is 2 hrs, it may last for about 30days. It’s charging cycle is up to 300!

Q: What type of battery is the display and sensor using? How long is their battery lifespan?
A: The display is using rechargeable battery, which may be charged up to 300 times. External sensor battery is CR1632, its lifespan is 2 – 3 years and may be replaced by user easily. Internal sensor battery is military grade battery, it can withstand high temperature and higher pressure condition and has very long lifespan which may last for 7 – 8 years.

Q: Does it come with pressure and temperature value display and alarm?
A: It will display pressure value and will alert user when there is under- or over-pressure. It does not display temperature, however when tyre temperature rise above 70degC, there will be alarm to warn driver. All the pressure and temperature limits have been preset. For temperature display, please consider using VT930 or VT931.

Q: If I exchange the tyre position, do I have to switch the sensor too?
A: For internal sensor, you may do matching after you switch the tyre position, there’s no need to remove the sensor and reinstall it. For external sensor, you would need to switch the sensor to correct corresponding tyre.

Q: Is the internal sensor anti-theft? Does it resist to water?
A: Internal sensor is highly anti-theft as it installed inside tyre . The water resistance grade is IPX7, it can survive through rainy days when car drives pass road hole with full of rainwater or car wash.

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