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Accident cause by tyre issue (why TPMS)

According to traffic accident statistic in China, almost 70% of highway accident are related to tyre issue. The statistic should be similar as to many other countries. With a good and reliable TPMS such as VICTON TPMS installed in car, many of the accident may be avoided as drivers could be aware of their tyre abnormality (such as high temp, too high or too low tyre pressure before the accidents occurs.

For safety, TPMS is compulsory for every car on the road for US and some europe countries. It is still not compulsory in Malaysia and Singapore, but in future we believe it will become a trend that almost every vehicle on road install TPMS as it really save life. For those survive from a road accident due to tyre problem, they will definitely not save RM 300+ for TPMS. We believe saving money is a virtue, money spent on many other things could be saved actually but not money spent on TPMS, as life is the much more precious than anything in the world.


What are the Main Function of TPMS ?TPMS main function

(1) Avoid accident caused by tyre punctured – Real time monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature, discover abnormality of tyre before any traffice incident happened.
(2) Reduce Wear out of car component – If tyre pressure too high, it will slowly damage suspension system and engine component; if tyre pressure is 10% lower, tyre life time reduced by 15 %; If 4 wheels tyres pressure not balanced, it is dangerous when jam-brake on highway as the car will loss balance easily and cause accident, suspension system wear out easily also.
(3) Reduce Fuel Consumption – If all tyres maintain optimized pressure at all time, fuel consumption will be reduced by 5% and more.


Is your Car Safe Without TPMS ?

Is your Car Safe Without TPMS ?

Is your Car safe without TPMS ? 5 common questions always asked before installing a TPMS.
(1) Do we really need a TPMS system ?
Definitely Yes if safety on road is your main concern.

(2) Is it troublesome to install VICTON TPMS ?
For External sensor, users can DIY in few minutes, for Internal sensor, it can be installed in tyre shop in 1 ~ 2 hours.

(3) What kind of TPMS does all people looking for ?
The most reliable and highest performance to cost index TPMS. VICTON TPMS is the best choice for you.

(4) What is the function of TPMS?
Real-time display of typres pressure and temperature, avoid accident due to tyre problems. TPMS save the life of the flat tyre and rim also.

(5) When should I install TPMS ?
For your safety, install it as soon as possible, TPMS is much more precious and useful than money spent on other things. (eg: good food, a branded bag or shoes)
A branded bag or good food does not save your life, a TPMS does.

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